3D Urbanis: Our 3D solution for city management

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50% of the world's population now lives in urban settings; this figure will likely reach 81% in 2030. The management of urban growth has clearly become an important societal issue that cannot be ignored.
IGN France International proposes its 3D solutions  and expertise to all those concerned by the sustainable management of the urban environment .


3D Urbanis offers unequalled performances in terms of output, time constraints and cost.  

IGN France International has been involved in the 3D photogrammetry market since 1998. Its added value is based on a thorough knowledge of each stage of the process:  

► IGN France International has the IGN-developed production tool at its disposal, the fruit of 10 years of research at the MATIS (Méthodes d'Analyses pour le traitement d'Images et la stéréorestitution) laboratory.

IGN France International has significant internal resources thanks to its production subsidiary

IGN France International is backed by a solid network of qualifiied sub-contractors. Called upon depending on each client's specific needs, these partners participate in our projects for image acquisition, application development or even data enrichment... 




3D Urbanis has various applications:  

Enhancement of the urban territory and its heritage

  • presenting the city's economic development potential
  • highlighting the touristic promise of a site by presenting its main attractions and strengths

Optimising urban development while respecting environmental constraints 

  • elaborating its projects while keeping in mind the impact of different nuisances (atmospheric, sound...)
  • seeing projects as a whole, taking all factors into account (natural resources, transportation...)

Rapid action/anticipation 

  • identifying alternative solutions for crisis situations (detours, evacuation plans...)

The cities' 3D georeferenced data, integrated in our dedicated software solutions, constitute an essential decision-support, dialoguing and communication tool. 


3D Urbanis applies to all structures implicated in urban development:

► Public entities: technical leaders of communities or municipalities, elected officials, civil security...

► Private entities: urban planners, architects, community services...

Globally, 3D Urbanis targets all who need a model of georeferenced urban zones that offers a high level of realism. 

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