Article on Burkina Faso's national mapping project

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The GeoConnexion magazine publish an article on Burkina Faso's national mapping project entitled: "New maps for a new millennium". A four-year project to update Burkina Faso’s national mapping for the first time in 50 years has just concluded. 

The project was seen as a real landmark event. It was a result we were all proud to share,” remembers Oumar Sanon, manager of the PC200 Burkina project. PC200 Burkina was a four-year scheme to create a database and update national maps to a scale of 1:200,000 for Burkina Faso. The reasons for the project were clear. “Our 1:200,000 scale maps had not been updated since the 1960s when they were created by IGN,” explains Patrick Stimpson, IGN France International’s regional director for Western Africa. “There have obviously been deep-rooted changes over the past 50 years: towns have developed, villages have disappeared, moved or been created, new roads have appeared, waterways, river beds and tracks have been modified due to the rainy season or the works carried out amongst other reasons. Agricultural or breeding areas have also undergone significant changes."

The disparity between our national mapping and the reality of changes that have taken place in the country was the motivating factor behind the EU bid to tender for Burkina Faso. The same observation made in Senegal, Mali and Benin enabled those countries to update their mapping also and to improve the skills in this domain at a local level.” 

The project began in 2011 when IGN France International, the export branch of IGN France, was awarded the contract covering the provision of technical assistance in updating Burkina Faso’s mapping database. It had a budget of €1.8m and was financed by the EU through the 10th EDF.

At all stages of the project, the work was carried out by teams combining Geographic Institute of Burkina Faso (IGB) personnel and technical assistance staff from IGN France International. “This was an essential working methodology in order to facilitate the transfer of information and allow both the Institute’s technicians and management to take ownership of the project’s work,” says Laurent Falala, project manager for IGN France International. [...]

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Reference  - Cartography/NSDI