Development strategy

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What motivates us? Innovation, audacity, new technologies and sustainable development

"Taking into account the current market trends of geographic information on the one hand, and the worldwide economic crisis, on the other hand, IGN France International has redefined its international development strategy.

Thus IGN France International aims to focus and strenghten its activity on its core business such as cartography, while taking into consideration the sector evolution towards the completion of NSDI.

IGN France International also aims to carry on its development in the fields of  land administrationenvironment and sustainable development, on those it has gained legitimacy. On each sector of intervention, IGN France International is happy to provide its clients with highly skilled experts. They can benefit from its expertise and transfer of know how.

 This development strategy is paired, as in the past, with a strong partnership strategy implemented with IGN France International's shareholder companies as well as its numerous business partners, essential to our project's success.

The IGN France International development strategy also relies on our research of the most suitable technologies, providing our clients with the latest technologies, in particular highly accurate data models, geographic information systems and land information systems, thematic portals and  dematerialisation according to the INSPIRE directive.

I would also like to highlight IGN France International's strong and permanent commitment to its clients.

Obviously, innovation and our commitment to our clients would not exist without the presence of the company's collaborators. It is they who, by their talents, energy and the audacity of the solutions that they master, make up the real force and diversity of the company".

Paris, February 2013

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