Signature of an executive agreement between the MRSIT and IGN: the first step towards IGN Congo

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The MRSIT (Ministry of Scientific Research and Technological Innovation) in Congo and IGN, the French Institute for Geographic and Forestry Information, signed an executive collaboration contract on July 1st in Brazzaville

The  ceremony  was  presided  by  Minister  Bruno  Jean-Richard  ITOUA,  in  the  presence  of  his  Excellency Jean-Pierre  VIDON,  French  Ambassador  in  Congo  and  Jean-Philippe  GRELOT,  Deputy  Director  of  IGN France  and took place  at the Ministry with around fifty participants from numerous ministries (Mines, Public Works and Equipment, Land use planning, Agriculture, …).

In signing this Executive agreement, the two entities have  confirmed their interest in collaborating in the following areas:

  • Geodesy levelling and gravimetry, 
  • Aerial and spatial photography,
  • Digital photogrammetry and ortho-photography,
  • Teledetection,
  • Digital mapping, 
  • Geographical databases, geographical information systems (GIS),
  • Geographical information portals (data storage and diffusion),
  • Other applications using mapping tools or satellite location systems (GPS),
  • Training with technology transfer in the domains of geography and mapping.

The importance of IGN’s role was highlighted during this ceremony. As a public entity, IGN produces and diffuses  multi-themed  reference  systems  and  serves  as  a  baseline  for  geographical  and  forestry information. IGN also provides services on the use of this data. The  organisation  provides  indisputable  support  to  French  public  authorities  in  contributing  to  the knowledge of territories and their analysis.

This collaboration aims in particular to provide the Congo with a high-performance geographical institute to contribute to the country’s development. Jean-Philippe Grelot emphasised this point in his speech: « Dear  Minister,  you  have  shown  confidence  in  an  entity  that  has  always  been  devoted  to  sharing  its knowledge and skills  with  communities  beyond  the borders of France and in particular those in Frenchspeaking  countries.  You  would  like  to  associate  IGN  with  your  ambitious  objective  of  creating  a  wellfunctioning  national geographic institute in the Congo. This decision comes at a time when technologies are  evolving  fast,  creating  incredible  opportunities  for  organisations  whose  work  is  not  centred  on themselves but on their ability to support public policies. ».

The  Minister  also  said  that: « mapping  is  a  consensual  domain  that  should  enable  all  of  us  to  work together. We are expecting a lot out of this agreement which shall enable us to implement projects that will be both federal and innovative ».

IGN  France  International,  the  export  projects  entity  within  IGN,  in  association  with  the  consultancy Progresys SAS, shall be heading up the operational implementation of these projects. 

We  should  remind  you  that  IGN  France  International  has  already  worked  on  modernising  and rehabilitating  mapping  institutes  within  the  framework  of  several  previous  mapping  projects,  in particular those in Mali, Burkina Faso and Senegal.

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